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Temporary Office Space Solutions

interior of temporary office space
interior of temporary office space

Is a Temporary Office Space Right for You?

The short answer is probably. From companies that need a space to work during a move to freelancers desperate for a quiet place to focus, temporary office space offers budget-friendly solutions to meet all your professional needs.

What Is a Temporary Office?

A temporary office is a portable office unit that can be transported wherever your job needs are. These structures are easily assembled and can be placed almost anywhere. While they’re portable, you’d never know you’re not in a more traditional office space once you're inside.

Temporary offices can be outfitted to include office furniture, supplies, and appliances. Larger spaces can even include a separate kitchen, breakroom, conference rooms, and office spaces. Many of our customers are surprised at how “at home” they feel in their portable workspace and, since these mobile offices are pretty much large steel containers, it’s easy to reconfigure and redesign your space as needs change.

Finding a Temporary Office Space That Works

Temporary office solutions are just as customizable as a permanent space—you can change them up to meet any business need. Modular offices provide portable, fast, and convenient workspace solutions, and these temporary office spaces come in pre-assembled parts, making them much easier to assemble than other options. While these offices work well in any industry, they tend to really shine in situations involving: 

  • Schools and universities 
  • Construction companies 
  • Agricultural outfits 
  • Government agencies 
  • Hotels, resorts, and hospitality sites 

Whatever temporary office you select, you want to make sure it is large enough to comfortably fit your team, tech, furniture, and anything else you need to work. The best thing about temporary office spaces is that they are easy to reconfigure and can actually grow with your teams as needs evolve. With this in mind, pick a unit that’s going to give you everything you need for the duration of your temporary work period. 

We could talk about modular offices all day, but let’s get right into their key benefits:

Benefits of Modular Offices

  • Cost and Convenience: Modular office spaces offer many of the perks of traditional office spaces at half of the cost. Since these spaces can be transported and assembled quickly, when you go with a modular office, you avoid the loss of time associated with traditional office moves and remodels.
  • Flexible and Easily Customized: Unlike traditional office space, modular offices are easily added onto or remodeled. For example, if you decide that your modular office conference room is too close to your kitchen, you can easily move things around to create a more efficient set-up. Mobile Mini offers standardextra-wide, and office/storage combination sites that provide our customers with the flexibility to find the right solutions for their companies and employees. 
  • Portable: These spaces are highly portable, which means you can easily transport them from site to site as needed. For our customers working in construction, the ability to take these spaces with them from project to project is invaluable, but their utility doesn’t stop there. For seasonal industries where spatial demands fluctuate throughout the year, modular office spaces allow you to provide your employees with extra inventory or storage space when you need it. Business owners can move temporary work sites around as needed, expanding capacity without going through renovations or remodels. 

Extras and Perks

At Mobile Mini, our standard ground-level modular office units range from 10 feet to 40 feet, and our 30-foot, extra-wide units are a great option when you have more employee, furniture, or supply needs. Looking for some storage to go with that new workspace? Our office storage combo is the perfect solution.

Our temporary workspaces include features like drywall-textured ceilings and walls, vinyl tile flooring, and options for mini blinds. We work hard to ensure that our temporary office spaces provide the comfort and accommodation you need to get the job done. 

Essentials: Better Space, Better Products 

When we started this company, we had one goal: to provide our customers with what they need faster and more conveniently than our competition. With Essentials, we have created packages that enhance the utility and functionality of our storage, jobsite, and mobile office rentals. 

For our temporary office products, Essentials includes things like appliances, extra blinds, office furniture, and supplies, giving you everything you need to enter your unit and get to work right away. These packages also increase the comfort and efficiency of your space, ensuring that your team has what they need to stay productive. 

Better yet, with Essentials, you can get everything you need in one convenient place. You can place your Essentials order alongside your unit rental, and everything will be delivered and picked up at the same time. 

Mobile Mini: The Secure Option

When it comes to your business, you can never be too safe. That’s why Mobile Mini takes security so seriously. When you rent one of our temporary office spaces, you gain access to our patented security devices that interlock and hinge in multiple places to provide the ultimate in theft prevention. These locks are drill-proof and virtually theft-proof. 

Made from 100% corrugated steel, these offices are also weatherproof and can withstand almost anything nature can throw at them. 

Better Service, Better Products

Mobile Mini has been a leader in temporary office space rentals for over 30 years. You don’t last as long as we have by accident; our longevity is rooted in award-winning customer support, industry-leading products and packages, and a commitment to giving our customers what they need to stop worrying about office space and start focusing on what really matters. 

When you rent with us, things like delivery, pickup, and relocation of empty units come standard, and you never have to worry about getting your containers to and from where they need to be. Our model saves our customers a significant amount of time and headache. 

There are temporary workspaces, and then there are Mobile Mini temporary workspaces. Mobile working has never looked better—check out our website today and see what all the fuss is about!