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Mobile Offices and Portable Storage in Calumet Park

Serving all of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana


12658 S. Winchester Ave
Calumet Park, IL 60827
United States

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Areas served by Mobile Mini Chicago

Mobile Mini delivers secure storage containers and ground-level offices to customers throughout the Chicagoland area, including:

  • Chicago
  • Grand Rapids
  • Aurora
  • Naperville
  • Kalamazoo
  • Peoria
  • Muskegon
  • Joliet
  • Elgin
  • Merrillville
  • Gary
  • Evanston
  • Schaumburg
  • Kankakee
  • Merrillville
  • Valparaiso
  • Michigan City
  • Oak Lawn
  • Orland Park
  • Hammond

The Mobile Mini Difference


Calumet Park is growing fast as Chicago city dwellers relocate to the suburbs to raise families and enjoy more affordable housing. As the area grows, businesses need to keep up. If you have extra inventory, equipment, or workers but aren’t ready to move into a larger facility, consider portable storage container rental in Calumet Park.


Mobile Mini is your destination for portable storage in Calumet Park. With over 300,000 portable containers and offices in 900 different configurations, we can provide the storage solution your business needs to thrive. 

Portable Storage Container Rental in Calumet Park


At Mobile Mini, we provide the space you need for your excess property with our shipping container rental in Calumet Park. Shipping containers are incredibly versatile, and we offer a vast selection of sizes and configurations. 

Standard-Width Shipping Container

One of our most popular storage options is our standard-width shipping containers. You can choose from five different sizes, so you only pay for the storage you need. Standard shipping containers are convenient and easy to use.

Extra-Wide Shipping Containers

Want extra space to move through your container or need to store bulky equipment? Our extra-wide shipping containers give you two more feet of width. That makes it easier for you to access all your storage items.

Container Office Rental in Calumet Park

Calumet Park enjoys all four seasons, including snowy winters and sizzling summers. If you want to give outdoor employees a comfortable retreat, consider renting portable offices in Calumet Park during the more strenuous seasons. Mobile offices are also a great idea if you need to hire temporary workers, are bringing remote employees into the office for a short time, or need to rehouse employees during office renovations.

Ground-Level Offices

A popular choice for mobile office rental in Calumet Park is our ground-level offices. These units can provide all the comfort and functionality of a typical office.

Tunnel and Office Storage Combo

What if you need extra office space but also need to store excess inventory or specialized equipment? There’s no need to invest in two separate rentals. Our office storage combo gives you the best of both worlds. Store your property on one end of the container and provide office space on the other side.


For those who want easier access to their property, a tunnel storage container is an excellent option. These shipping containers have doors on both sides, so you can enter your container from the front or the back. 

Office Trailers 


Want to offer temporary employees a comfortable and productive place to tackle their projects? Our office trailers, which come in many sizes, are second to none. We also have modular units that can be connected or stacked to create the temporary office space you need. 

Renting the Essentials


It’s not enough to simply rent portable offices or portable storage in Calumet Park. You also need the accessories to get the most out of your rental. The Essentials we offer at Mobile Mini include everything you’ll need to get up and running on day one.


Keep your possessions safe and ensure that it’s easy to access your portable container with lighting rentals. We can provide a variety of lights, including motion sensor lights.


Keep your inventory and other property organized so you can easily and quickly find what you need with our shelving rentals. 

Locks and Security

It’s always a good idea to lock up your property. We offer lock rentals and our special Tri-Cam locking system, which is the bane of thieves everywhere. 

Furniture Packages

Your mobile office rental in Calumet Park isn’t really an office without desks, chairs, couches, and other furniture. Our Essential Packages include all the furniture you need to keep employees comfortable and productive.


Your search for portable storage container rental in Calumet Park stops here. At Mobile Mini, we have the products you need and the expertise to set everything up quickly. In many cases, we can have your storage rental delivered the day after you place your order. 


Call us today and tell us about your storage needs. We look forward to providing a free quote for your mobile office or portable storage in Calumet Park!