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Mobile Mini - Goldsboro

Serving Central Pennsylvania

1015 Old Trail Road
Goldsboro, Pennsylvania 17319

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
Phone: (717) 938-3728
Manager: Kevin Dobson
Manager Phone: (717) 991-6375
Customer Service: 1 (800) 221-0803

Mobile Mini delivers secure storage containers and mobile offices to customers throughout the Harrisburg area including:

  • Reading
  • York
  • Lancaster
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Hagerstown
  • Scranton
  • Lebanon

Guarantee Delivery Promise ImageThe Mobile Mini Harrisburg branch will be offering "GUARANTEE DELIVERY PROMISES" soon.  The program will provide our customers with a short  4-hour windows when our dedicate delivery team will arrive to drop-off the shipping container or ground level office.  Our goal is an easy experience for our customers - no waiting around for Mobile Mini!



Whether you're remodeling, need storage onsite, or a temporary office space, Mobile Mini is prepared to help you with all your and storage needs. We have served the Harrisburg area, and the state of Pennsylvania, proudly with a variety of solutions we deliver right to your door for maximum convenience.

If you need onsite storage, we have the perfect conex, sea can, or storage can container you need for your specific need.  Our conex selection includes of a variety of sizes and customizable options. If you need office space, our portable storage trailers can be customized for security, temporary office spaces, recruitment offices, and more.

With 30 years in business, we understand when an area like State College, PA is under-going a construction boom. Our professional, company-employed drivers ensure the job sites are able to stay up and running by dropping our sea cans safely where you want it.

People across the country trust Mobile Mini for our local support, commitment to service, and convenient, worry-free service to help them store and protect the things that matter most.

Community Commitment

2015 - Partnered with the Harrisburg Fire and Police for the Red Land Little League team celebration for winning the 2015 US Little League Championship


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Mobile Mini has everything from guard shacks to high-end offices to fit your needs.



Store equipment and inventory safely, onsite, with our patented security features.


Unique Harrisburg, PA 

We offer our customers access to our inventory of over 200,000 storage container products. With over 80,000 customers, we realize that not everyone calls our products the same thing.  In Harrisburg, our customer call our portable storage:

  1. Conex Containers
  2. Sea Cans
  3. Storage Cans
  4. Cargo Containers

No matter what you call our products, they all come with the industry leading Tri-Cam Locking System.  If you are storing items, store them securely.