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Habitat for Humanity uses Mobile Mini Portable Offices

“On-site we have a Mobile Mini small office: it’s a 10-foot office…With all the people we have on this site I need a space where I can keep all my things pretty well organized… also a space where I can store a variety of important documents.  They would get dirty or destroyed if I kept them anywhere else. It’s also pretty noisy, and it’s nice to have a quiet space where I can talk to a contractor or a subcontractor.” - Jacob Ely, Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley

Mobile Mini Addresses the Challenge Head-On

Habitat for Humanity is constantly working to build housing for those in need. This kind of worksite includes a lot of noise, and project managers may need a place to meet quietly and store important documents.

To solve this issue, Mobile Mini provided a 10-foot portable office that could be delivered on-site and then hauled away when the job was completed. This solution met the needs of Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, and it allowed them to plan and build efficiently.


What happened, where did it happen, and what did Mobile Mini do to address this situation?

  • A meeting space was needed, along with a way to securely store important project documents.
  • We provided a portable 10-foot office for the job and picked this container up from the worksite upon job completion.
  • Meeting project deadlines was not an issue, because Mobile Mini provided a portable office that allowed for a quiet meeting space and the safe storage of important documents for the duration of the project.

Mobile Mini Storage Solutions Can Help

Mobile Mini works to meet the unique storage and office space needs of your situation. Each task calls for a unique solution, just as the Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley needed a quiet meeting room. Mobile Mini will work with you to deliver the product you need, when you need it, with items such as our portable storage containers and offices. If you’re looking for high-quality portable containers, Mobile Mini will deliver.