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10ft Ground-Level Offices

Portable or temporary office units can be a life-changer on an active worksite. They’re perfect for handling administrative tasks, bookkeeping, meeting with clients and vendors, and any other activity that might require a little more peace and a lot more quiet. 


Mobile Mini stocks a wide range of portable offices, but our 10ft ground-level offices are some of our favorites. 10ft office containers are perfect for small teams and will give your staff the comfort, room, and security they need to stay productive and efficient throughout their shift.


Our 10ft offices are all ground-level, ensuring easy accessibility. Many of our clients use these containers to house administrative or first aid offices, but their uses are virtually limitless. Before we get into all of the things that our 10ft office shipping containers can do for you and your team, let’s start with a simple definition. 

What Are 10ft Ground-Level Offices?


10ft ground-level offices, 10ft office containers, 10ft office shipping containers, and 10ft offices are all the same ways of saying the same thing: a 10-foot portable office unit that is easily transported and installed just about anywhere. These units don’t involve any stairs and are extremely easy to access. 


At Mobile Mini, all of our 10ft offices are made from converted shipping containers and come in standard and extra-wide options. These units were initially designed to move cargo across some of the world’s toughest landscapes and most challenging waterways—in short, they’re made to move, giving you the freedom to bring your 10ft ground-level office wherever you need it, without limits. 

High Security Office
High Security Office
High Security Office
10ft Office Floorplan
High Security Office thumbnail
High Security Office thumbnail
High Security Office thumbnail
10ft Office Floorplan thumbnail

8’ ceiling height
8’ wide
10’ box size
10’ long

Exterior Finish
1 ⅛” plywood sub floor
Standard drip rail gutters
10-16 gauge floor; joist 12
16-gauge steel siding

Interior Finish
Vinyl tile floors
Drywall textured ceilings & walls


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Heating and Cooling
Vertical HVAC

Exterior phone/data jack access
120/240 Volt, single-phase
Requires a 30kW Generator (Not Included) or Connection to a Power Line

Whether you need one unit or a hundred across the country, our dedicated drivers will swiftly and carefully deliver your unit directly to your door, and help you find the safest and most convenient place to put it on your site. They can even help show you how to use the specific features on your unit if you need assistance. Because we own trucks we are a reliable and cost-effective solution.

For customers with long-term logistical needs, we can relocate your empty office to your next jobsite. This additional solution makes us more flexible and responsive to meet your needs. It can also means extra savings for you.

Returning your unit is just as convenient. Schedule your pick-up on the MM Connect™ customer portal or give us a call. 

Mobile Mini National Accounts
Synchronize your supply chain across the US through our National Accounts Program. You’ll get preferred pricing and hassle-free access to the largest selection of products. With over 150 locations, we are one of the only companies in our industry with a national footprint to meet your storage needs nearly anywhere.

Step into the Driver’s Seat
MM Connect™, our state-of-the-art customer portal puts the power in your hands to see all products on rent, locations, and costs in one view, on demand. Easily request service, pickups, and relocations, while accessing your account information in real-time.

Why Choose a 10ft Office Shipping Container? 


When our customers ask us, “Why should I choose a 10ft office,” we often respond with “Why wouldn’t you?” 

These units are versatile, durable, and can be easily configured to meet your unique commercial needs as they change and grow. 

Our 10ft ground-level offices have the following dimensions:

How Can I Use My 10ft Ground-Level Office?


The most common uses for these units include:

  • Creating a quiet space to handle administrative tasks.
  • Hosting vendor and client meetings.
  • Taking lunch and meal breaks in an area that’s clean and separate from the worksite. 
  • Storing financial records and important documents.
  • Giving your team a place to have confidential or important meetings. 


Mobile Mini is proud to serve a wide range of industries and customers. We only stock versatile, easily adaptable units, which means that our 10ft office containers can be used across a diverse sector list:


  • Hospitality: Our 10ft office containers make perfect check-in sites for guests at hotels and restaurants that are looking to save indoor space. 
  • Construction: 10ft offices are great for creating secure and quiet office spaces on construction sites. 
  • Medical: Our 10ft office shipping containers make the perfect first aid stations at events and festivals. 
  • Education Storage: 10ft ground-level offices are perfect for hosting satellite classes or serving as temporary computer labs or tech rooms. 

Benefits of a 10ft Office Shipping Container


Our 10ft office containers come with many benefits: 

  • 100% Secure: At Mobile Mini, safety is always our number one priority. All our 10ft offices come with locks and security features designed to keep thieves out and your valuable business equipment and supplies in. Our security devices are tamper-, cut-, pick-, and break-proof, allowing you to stop worrying about security and start focusing on what really matters. 
  • Fully Weatherproof: One of the beautiful things about shipping containers is that they are built to withstand even the strongest rains, heaviest snows, and most intense natural disasters. This means that our 10ft office shipping containers are designed to keep weather and moisture out of your goods.
  • Highly PortableAll of our 10ft ground-level offices are fully portable and designed to be easily transported as needed. These units can be moved without posing any threat or risk to their physical or structural integrity. Relocation of empty units comes standard with our rental contracts, making it even easier to get your 10ft office to the locations where you need it most. 


The World's Toughest, Secure Portable Office Solution

High-Security Door System


Each mobile security office features easy-opening interior doors with a three-point interior locking system and D-ring plus discus lock, adding an extra level of security.

  • 16-gauge door skin & welded door frame
  • MMI patented bolt lock technology
  • Heavy duty welded hinge system

More Than Just Storage


Mobile Mini is not your basic storage and mobile office provider. We work hard to ensure that our customers are getting much more than an empty office or box. With our Essentials packages, you have access to a range of add-ons, including shelves and lighting, that give you everything you need to optimize the organization and safety of your unit. 

The Mobile Mini Difference


Mobile Mini has held the title of North America’s largest and most trusted storage and mobile office provider for over three decades. With our award-winning customer support team, we ensure that every rental need, question, and demand is met quickly, efficiently, and without any stress or hassle. Delivery, pick-up, and relocation of empty units come standard with all rentals, and we offer the inventory and service to keep our supporters coming back year after year. 

Trying to balance a checkbook in the midst of an office demolition can be a challenge. Mobile work shouldn’t be. Check us out today and see how easy commercial storage can be.