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Retail Portable Storage & Office Solutions

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Retail Conex Storage

No matter what industry you're operating in, having convenient, reliable storage is essential. Mobile Mini conex storage containers are ideal for seasonal inventory, tools, supplies, and more—we have solutions ready for all the ways you provide goods.

Need a command center to manage your staff and events? How about a convenient office to stay organized? Or maybe a concession stand, security shed, or medical tent? Ground-level offices from Mobile Mini are ideal for a wide variety of needs.

All of our units and offices are customized, come in a variety of sized, and can be delivered directly to your location. Count on Mobile Mini to help you:

  • Reduce storage costs and overhead
  • Provide secure, element-proof conex storage for sporting goods
  • Free up space for additional projects
  • Set up a portable command center anywhere your location may need

To learn more, call 888.838.7015 or email verticalmarkets@mobilemini.com.

Sporting Goods
Sporting Goods

What Are Retail Storage Containers?

Retail storage containers are used across commercial operations to keep things orderly, streamlined, and productive. Whether you’re a retail owner looking to free up stockroom space or need to store technology and equipment while your operation undergoes a renovation, retail storage is the perfect solution for the age-old “Where can I keep this?” question.

When to Use Retail Storage Containers

At Mobile Mini, we only stock retail storage containers that are versatile and easy to reconfigure. This flexibility means you can use our retail storage units in a variety of ways. 

While this list is by no way exhaustive, many of our retail customers use their unit to:

  • Store Seasonal InventoryRetail ebbs and flows seasonally. While this leads to periods of big business, it can also create significant storage issues. Retail storage containers are the perfect solution for all of your seasonal challenges. Many of our customers store their seasonal products in our portable retail storage units, freeing available showroom space for current merchandise and keeping things organized and safe during the off-season. 

Since most of Mobile Mini’s retail storage containers fit in a standard parking space, you can house your unit right outside of your storefront without worrying about taking up valuable parking or customer space. 

  • Free Up Indoor Space: Square footage doesn’t come cheap. Retail storage units are great for giving you a space to keep excess or unsold inventory while you wait to display it indoors, allowing you to keep available indoor space for your team and your customers.
  • Organize and Track InventoryStockrooms can be chaotic spaces, especially when you’re in the midst of a seasonal event, sale, or other high-traffic event. Retail storage provides a secondary stockroom space to store, organize, and track inventory, giving you two places to house items. Our units are all sized to accommodate things like shelves and clothing racks, which allow you to optimize your retail storage container for any and all inventory needs that come up. 
  • Get You Through a Move or Renovation: Retail operations involve much more than inventory. There are computers, security systems, technology, and equipment that are central to daily operations. And these items aren’t only critical; they tend to be sensitive and expensive. Retail storage containers give you a safe, secure, and weatherproof space to house these items as you move stores or renovate your existing location. Better yet, our retail storage units are portable, which means it’s easy to move empty units from one site to another.

The Benefits of Retail Storage Containers 

Some of the core benefits of our retail storage units include:

  • Security: Our retail storage units are secure and give you the peace of mind you need to house your most important retail items without the risk of loss or theft. Mobile Mini retail storage units come with the option of our patented security devices. These devices hinge and interlock in multiple places, offering theft-proof protection that’s virtually impenetrable.
  • Portability: You can easily move empty units from site to site as necessary. This characteristic makes it easy to tackle storage needs across multiple geographies with one unit. 
  • Organization: Retail storage units give you optimal organization capacity. Whether you’re organizing clothes, books, or electronics, our units come with add-ons like shelving that make it easy to give everything a secure place. 

Just the Essentials

Essentials is Mobile Mini’s optimization package. With Essentials, you can add on products that help you get the most out of your retail storage rental. 

Our storage Essentials packages include:

  • Lighting: Have you ever tried to load or unload a dark storage unit? Spoiler…it’s not fun. With lighting, you can safely access your unit day or night. Lighting also makes it easier to see where you’re going as you move around your unit, limiting risks of damage or personal injury. 
  • Shelving: When it comes to organization, you can’t beat a good shelf. Shelves allow you to easily see what’s in your unit and give you a way to separate fragile or sensitive items from larger, bulkier ones. 
  • Locks: When it comes to your retail supplies, there’s no such thing as too safe. Locks increase the safety of your unit, keeping thieves away from your valuable merchandise.