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Commercial Seasonal Storage Containers

Mobile Mini storage unit standing alone outside of business
Mobile Mini Storage Container

Preparing for Seasonal Storage for Your Business

In retail, you’re always living in the future. While others are enjoying the changing leaves and abundance of pumpkin spice everything, you’re thinking about the upcoming holiday season. For many retail businesses, the holiday season comprises the bulk of their sales. With so much riding on a three-month period, getting your inventory orders right is crucial.

While we can’t really offer any help with predicting your customers’ product demands, we can help you meet all of your seasonal business storage needs.

Portable Storage: Your New Seasonal Secret Weapon

Few things are worse than a cramped sales floor or an overflowing, unorganized stock room. When you place those seasonal inventory orders, you’re trying to order enough product to keep up with customer demand without overwhelming your in-store storage space. 

Commercial seasonal storage containers offer you extra storage space so that you can keep your business well-supplied. At Mobile Mini, we offer a range of mobile storage solutions for every storefront scenario. In short, our units can meet any inventory demand you throw at them. 

Inventory isn’t the only thing to think about when planning for your seasonal business storage needs. The holiday season usually means extra staff. If you’re finding that the extra hands you’ve hired to keep your inventory organized are creating more spatial issues than they’re solving, our temporary office space may be for you. These mobile units give you extra space to house new staff and offer out-of-store space for inventory storage and tracking.

Tips of the Trade

We would be remiss to leave you without offering some tips for a smooth holiday season (inventory-wise; we can’t do anything about the other stresses of family time). 

  1. Stay calm and carry a label gun. Label everything; it will help to keep your stock organized and in fighting condition.
  2. Create a safe zone. Nothing is worse than a stock room or office space with no walking or breathing room. Create an aisle or pathway which will help with entry and exit and give people room to breathe. 
  3. Keep things light. During the holiday season, stress over inventory is inevitable. When you keep things light, your staff will be more productive and your inventory needs will seem more manageable. 

Contact Mobile Mini today! We’d love to help you create a storage plan to maximize your sales (and your sanity) during the holiday season.

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