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Business Inventory Storage Solutions

Mobile Mini Units lined up outside business for extra inventory space

Inventory. When you get it right, it’s great. When you don’t, well…it’s less great.

Working in retail means continually striking a balance between ordering too much and too little. Whether you’re planning for the holiday season, a new product launch, or just keeping your business in the black on a random Tuesday, inventory is essential to your survival and your profits. 

At Mobile Mini, we offer business storage solutions to help you take control of your inventory. From storage containers to temporary office space, we have what you need to take the stress and clutter out of inventory management. As North America’s largest and most trusted storage provider, we have the reach, inventory, and expertise to help you take your business to the next level. Our products improve our customers’ operations, productivity, and efficiency.

What Is Business Inventory Storage?

Business inventory storage is designed to help businesses store and protect their inventory. There’s no set definition to what these storage solutions should or can look like; however, we’ve found that the more versatile, flexible, and customization-friendly a business inventory storage unit is, the better. 

Business inventory storage can be a real game-changer for all sorts of commercial operations. From retail outlets looking for on-site storage to free up their show and stockroom to internet stores that need physical storage to house orders before they’re shipped out, when it comes to uses and utility, the sky’s the limit. 

Business Inventory Storage Solutions 

To properly maximize your inventory, you need to know where things are, how much of each item you have, and where everything goes. When you’re dealing with hundreds of products, organization and tracking can get challenging. The key to optimal inventory tracking is space. 

Mobile Mini’s range of business inventory storage solutions gives you the extra space you need to take control of your stockroom. Our units all come standard with our tri-cam locking system, which means that your products are stored inside drill-proof, theft-proof storage containers. Made from 100% corrugated steel, our containers are also weatherproof and made to withstand even the harshest storm or nastiest natural disaster. 

You can choose from:

  • Standard Containers: Standard containers range in size from 10 to 40 feet and have a storage volume of up to 2,414 cubic feet. These units offer space for inventory sorting, organization, and storage. As a bonus, our units are all ground-level for easy access.
  • Extra-Wide Containers: When you’re dealing with the holiday season, product launches, or special events, your business inventory storage needs may expand. Our extra-wide storage containers come in 18- and 25-foot options and offer 1,778 cubic feet of storage. 
  • Temporary Office Space/Storage Combinations: Our office/storage combination spaces allow you to tackle two birds with one stone: administrative duties and inventory organization. You’ll have the space you need to create and keep product logs, store financial records, and get on top of all of the small details that go into running a business. 

Bells and Whistles 

There are regular storage units, and then there are Mobile Mini units. Our storage containers are designed to give you the best business inventory storage products out there.

  • Doors: Doors are more important than you think, especially when it comes to inventory. Our units have the following door options:
  • Standard Doors: These basic doors work well for inventory needs. 
  • Single-Entry Doors: Single-entry doors are perfect for larger or more cumbersome storage needs. These doors open wider than standard doors and give you almost the full length of your unit to get products in and out. 
  • Double-Entry Doors: Double-entry doors give you optimal access to your inventory and are great when you need access to your inventory throughout the day.
  • Premium Doors: These doors feature one-hand entry and make it incredibly easy to get in and out of your unit. These doors are truly top-shelf.
  • Add-Ons: Fromblinds and shelving to rails and brackets, our units can be customized to meet any business inventory storage need. 

Who Benefits Most From Business Inventory Storage?

The beauty of Mobile Mini’s storage units is that they’re universally useful. Our business inventory storage units are for everyone who works with inventory, whether that be a retail owner, restaurant manager, or e-commerce supplier. As a company, we proudly serve over 20 industries and sectors, providing the units and equipment that business owners need to thrive. 

Our business inventory storage units are most commonly used in the following industries:

Whether you’re a school administrator looking for a place to house unused textbooks and computers or a concert organizer who needs a secure space to keep merchandise, our units will get the job done. 

When to Use Business Inventory Storage

The question of when to use business inventory storage is a personal one. At Mobile Mini, we don’t like to place limits on when and how our customers use our products, especially since our business inventory storage units provide storage, protection, and operational support in countless situations and scenarios. 

With that said, many of our customers have found these units most beneficial when they are looking to: 

  • Clear out unused or seasonal inventory to free up store space for current items and customers. 
  • Provide a secure location to store inventory for e-stores and online businesses.
  • Create a well-organized, highly secure space to sort through and track inventory when stockrooms are full or unavailable.
  • Protect inventory from weather, loss, and damage in outdoor venues or during times when a store or business is non-operational. 
  • Organize inventory to make it easier to track and maintain. 

Essentials You Can Count on

Now, let’s talk more about that last piece: organization. Business inventory storage is a lifesaver, but an disorganized storage unit can easily get out of hand. At Mobile Mini, we help tackle this challenge with our storage Essentials, an add-on service that allows you to get the most out of your business inventory storage. Essentials includes items like lighting and shelving to make using your unit safer, more organized, and more efficient. 

With lighting, you can easily (and safely) load, unload, and work in your unit at night and in dimly lit conditions. Meanwhile, our shelving makes it easier to organize your unit, keep track of what’s inside, and ensure that sensitive and fragile items stay separate from larger items and equipment. Shelving also allows you to gain an immediate view as to how much of each item you have, making it easier to assess when stocks need replenishing or are running low. 

Since we’ve been doing this for a while, we’ve collected some great organization tips to help you maximize the utility and flow of your unit:

  • Keep smaller items on higher shelves and group them together so that it’s easier to tell when supplies are running low.
  • Keep items that you frequently need in the front of your unit so that it’s easy to access them without having to disrupt the entire container. 
  • When using in-storage shelving, it’s helpful to group similar items in containers or plastic bins to make it easier to access a group of items quickly and without having to search. 
  • Keep heavier, more durable equipment on the bottom of your unit, leaving higher areas for supplies that may be more sensitive or delicate. 

With Essentials, you have everything you need right in one convenient place. It doesn’t get better than that. 

Join Our Storage Family 

Whether it’s our free delivery and pick-up service, our award-winning customer support, or our dedication to meeting all of your business inventory storage needs, Mobile Mini is your go-to when it comes to storage. Give us a call today and see what we can do for your business!

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