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20ft Portable Storage Containers

In the world of portable storage units, the 20ft storage container tends to reign supreme. It’s useful, dependable, and perfect for most basic storage needs. 


At Mobile Mini, we like to think that our 20ft shipping containers up the game. Our 20ft storage containers give you 1,240 cubic feet of storage volume, tackling all your storage needs in one reliable place.


While we can go on about the 20-foot shipping container all day, let’s start with the basics: What are these units, and how can they help your business?

What Is a 20ft Container?


Containers tend to go by many names. Here at Mobile Mini, we like to call them 20ft storage containers and 20ft shipping containers. They’re portable storage units that give you 20ft of space to store commercial equipment and supplies. 


Mobile Mini only stocks portable storage units made from converted shipping containers. When you rent with us, you’re getting a unit designed to move cargo worldwide and keep products safe, secure, and intact through challenging—and sometimes perilous—journeys. 


All of our 20ft storage containers are highly portable and can be easily transported from site to site, usually fitting within a standard parking space. This means that our 20ft shipping containers can be housed on-site without taking away valuable space and commercial square footage.


20ft Ground Storage Containers Angled View
20ft Mini Storage Containers Angled View
20ft Metal Container Storage Side View
20ft Container Door View
20ft Container Floorplan
20ft Container Floorplan
20ft Ground Storage Containers Angled View thumbnail
20ft Mini Storage Containers Angled View thumbnail
20ft Metal Container Storage Side View thumbnail
20ft Container Door View thumbnail
20ft Container Floorplan thumbnail
20ft Container Floorplan thumbnail


  • 7’ 8-1/2" W
  • 19’ 10-1/2" L
  • 7’ 10-1/4" H



  • 8’ W
  • 20’ L
  • 8’ 6" H



  • Interior: 1203 cubic feet
  • Exterior: 1360 cubic feet



A clearance of 60 linear feet is required for our 20’ containers. Our trucks require a 21’ vertical clearance for loading and unloading containers. We can provide a free site check, where one of our drivers will come out and determine the most appropriate location. 

Premium Single Entry

For simple access to your stored items, a single entry will control access to only those with the key. Mobile Mini’s premium doors allows access with one hand for ease and convenience.


Premium Double Entry

For more access to your stored items, a double set-up is great for accessing items on a regular basis. This setup is perfect for sharing a space with another party so each party has their own side to access. Mobile Mini’s premium doors allows access with one hand for ease and convenience.


Brackets and Rails for Shelving
Our customized brackets and rails shelving system is available as one of our permanent portable storage options. Brackets and Rails can accommodate shelves of different widths at any height. (Brackets and rails are not available at all locations.)


A container ramp makes moving in and out of storage containers with handcarts quick and easy. Each container ramp is coated with a non-slip surface and painted orange for safety. (Ramps are not available at all locations.)


Whether you need one unit or a hundred across the country, our dedicated drivers will swiftly and carefully deliver your unit directly to your door, and help you find the safest and most convenient place to put it on your site. They can even help show you how to use the specific features on your unit if you need assistance. Because we own trucks we are a reliable and cost-effective solution.



For customers with long-term logistical needs, we can relocate your empty container to your next jobsite. This additional solution makes us more flexible and responsive to meet your needs. It can also means extra savings for you.



Returning your unit is just as convenient. Schedule your pick-up on the MM Connect customer portal or give us a call.


Mobile Mini National Accounts

Synchronize your supply chain across the US through our National Accounts Program. You’ll get preferred pricing and hassle-free access to the largest selection of products. With over 150 locations, we are one of the only companies in our industry with a national footprint to meet your storage needs nearly anywhere.


Step into the Driver’s Seat

MM Connect, our state-of-the-art customer portal puts the power in your hands to see all products on rent, locations, and costs in one view, on demand. Easily request service, pickups, and relocations, while accessing your account information in real-time.

Why Choose a 20ft Shipping Container? 


If you have standard-size commercial storage needs (small-medium storage demands), chances are the 20ft shipping container is for you. Our 20ft containers fall within the range of our standard-width storage units.

Now, you may be wondering: “What can I actually store in these units?” 

The short answer: Pretty much anything. Our 20ft storage containers are designed to house a wide range of products, giving you the flexibility you need to meet all of your storage demands. 

Most of our customers use these units to store items like:

  • Seasonal supplies 
  • Excess or unused inventory
  • Small commercial equipment 
  • Janitorial supplies 
  • Landscaping tools
  • Medical supplies 
  • High-value inventory
  • Records and documents 

While Mobile Mini serves all industries, the most common uses for our 20ft shipping containers include:

  • Construction Storage: Equipment and supplies, documents and records, and fragile or weather-sensitive items and materials. 
  • Hospitality Storage: Unused or seasonal equipment, documents and records, personal protective equipment, or other Covid-related safety items. 
  • Retail Storage: Unused or seasonal inventory or documents and records that have outgrown indoor space.

Benefits of a 20ft Shipping Container


As we’ve mentioned, our 20ft storage containers come with many benefits, but if we had to select the top four, they would be:

  • Fully Weatherproof: Our 20ft containers are made from corrugated steel, one of the toughest materials on earth. Corrugated steel is also naturally weatherproof, which means these units can withstand even the heaviest snow and rain, fiercest winds, and most intense natural disasters. 
  • They’re Secure: All of our storage units, including our 20ft shipping containers, come standard with our tri-cam locking system. These locks are virtually impossible to cut, pick, hack, or tamper with; they’re virtually theft-proof. 
  • They’re Portable: Since these units used to be shipping containers, they can be transported without any risk to their structural integrity and are perfect for storage jobs across multiple project sites.

Anyone Can Sell Containers. We Sell Secure Storage.

All-Steel Container


Each container is made from 100% corrugated steel, not wood or lightweight materials.

  • 100% corrugated, all-steel container
  • Weather-resistant

Tri-Cam Locking System®


Our patented Tri-Cam Locking System® provides bank-vault security for your precious valuables and most-important documents with interlocking bars. 

  • Waist-level, one hand opening lever
  • Utilizes either a padlock or Mobile Mini’s exclusive ContainerGuardLock®



More than a simple padlock, our ContainerGuardLock® features a hidden six-pin tumbler system and is made from hardened steel to provide the ultimate protection. 

  • Virtually drill-resistant with hidden, hardened steel six-pin tumblers and hidden sheath
  • Made from all-hardened steel to protect against pulling and prying.

More Than Just Storage


With Mobile Mini Essentials, we give you the add-ons you need to fulfill your commercial storage dreams. Items like shelves and lighting make it easier than ever to organize your storage unit and to load and unload your supplies safely and efficiently. 

The Mobile Mini Difference


Mobile Mini is proud to carry the title of North America’s largest and most trusted storage and jobsite solutions provider. The secret to our longevity is our world-class inventory, our award-winning customer support team, and our focus on service, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

When you rent with us, delivery, pick-up, and relocation come standard, and we’re always here to answer questions, schedule service, and support you. 

Managing multiple project sites is challenging. Storage shouldn’t be. Check us out today and see how easy commercial storage can be.