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Mobile Mini vs. Southwest Mobile: Expand Your Horizons

Mobile Mini Storage Container
Mobile Mini Storage Container

When it comes to service, reach, and security, nothing can compete with Mobile Mini. Now, don’t get us wrong—we play well with others and love some good, old-fashioned competition. But while we respect our fellow storage providers, we also know when we are the best, and in, say, a Mobile Mini vs. Southwest Mobile scenario, we definitely come out on top. 

Mobile Mini has been in this game for over 30 years, while Southwest Mobile was only founded 25 years ago. We’re not ageist at all, but we do understand the value of longevity. In our decades of service, we have seen our customers’ needs evolve, and we have met these changing needs with innovation and creativity. 

We have lived through natural disasters, public health crises, and the emergence of new sectors and industries. With every shift we learned how we could improve and offer even more value to our customers. The result is a range of versatile storage containers that can go anywhere, withstand anything, and outlast any competition. 

Not sold yet? Good! We like a challenge. 

Here are just a few of the ways that when it comes to Mobile Mini vs. Southwest Mobile, Mobile Mini comes out on top.

A National Storage and Mobile Office Company With Local Heart

Mobile Mini is a locally-minded company with a national reach. When you rent from Mobile Mini, you work directly with your local branch. This means that everything from the truck that delivers your unit to the person you interact with lives in your neighborhood, understands your unique local needs, and can support you in real-time. 

The value of Mobile Mini’s national reach comes into play when you have a business that works across various states or geographies. How does this impact you? Well, if you’re working with Southwest Mobile and have a construction company with sites in Phoenix and Boston, your only option is to secure two separate storage vendors and coordinate two completely independent orders. 

Mobile Mini, on the other hand, has national account options that let you manage multiple geographies under one order. Your units will still be handled by the closest branch to ensure fast delivery and service, but all details—no matter how many units you order or how many regions you are working in—will be handled by one person. 

Think of us as the project manager you never knew you needed but can’t live without!

When IComes to Storage Containers and Mobile Office Units, Size Matters 

Storage is not one-size-fits-all, and Mobile Mini understands that. We offer a diverse line of storage container options ranging from standard units to extra-wide containers and even storage/mobile office combination units

Unlike Southwest Mobile, our units can be outfitted with features like one-handed entry, and our storage solutions have been game changing to business owners working in a range of industries, including construction. When you’re looking for multi-dimensional, cutting-edge storage, there’s only one clear choice: Mobile Mini.

Storage Units and Mobile Office Units You Can Depend On

We’ll say it again: Mobile Mini has been around for a while, and in that time we have gotten to know what works for our customers and what doesn’t. This is the kind of knowledge that can only come with age, and it’s knowledge Southwest Mobile doesn’t have. 

The last thing you want to do when you’re moving out of a commercial space is worry about where to put your storage unit. Enter Mobile Mini’s standard storage units. They’re designed to fit into one parking space. No, we are not kidding. One parking space. This means that your unit can fit easily in front of your storefront, jobsite, or office building without taking up valuable space or obstructing your business. 

Easy, clutter-free access to your equipment whenever you want or need it? Sorry, Southwest Mobile, but we are the clear winner here.

The Secure Mobile Office and Storage Container Choice 

When it comes to your business, there is no such thing as “too safe.” When we got into the storage business, we were not satisfied with existing locks and security measures. So we got to work. Over the years we developed a patented tri-cam locking bar system thathinges and interlocks in multiple places, offering a secure close that thieves hate to hate. Better yet, our tri-cam locking bars come standard on all of our premium storage containers and mobile office units. 

Not to point fingers, but at Southwest Mobile they use basic locks, and when it comes to security, basic just won’t do.

Now let’s get to the real threat when it comes to storing business equipment: weather. All of Mobile Mini’s storage units are weatherproof and designed to withstand any storm they encounter. We’re sure that Southwest Mobile has nice storage units, but can they survive a tornado, hurricane, or blizzard? Our guess is no….we don’t think they could.

Last, but definitely not least, is convenience. Outside of making sure that our units are locked and secure, we also want our customers to have easy access even when their hands are full. With Mobile Mini’s patented Container Guard Locks, you can open your unit with one hand. Yes, this means that you can hold your morning coffee in your left hand and open your unit with your right. 

Can Southwest Mobile offer this? We didn’t think so.

The Storage Container and Mobile Office Solution That Industries Rely On

When it comes to industry solutions, Mobile Mini is virtually unbeatable. We maintain an inventory of storage containers and mobile office units that are versatile and flexible enough to work for any need, any industry, and any sector. Our units are beloved in over 20 industries, providing the storage and mobile offices they need with the service, support, and quality our customers have come to expect. 

Southwest Mobile may try, but they just can’t match the versatility and universal appeal of our products. 

While every customer uses our storage containers and mobile office units differently, some of the universal benefits of these solutions are:

Storage Containers:

  • Provide protection for high-value and sensitive items from loss, damage, and theft.
  • Allow businesses to maximize indoor space by providing a space for unused or excess items and inventory. 
  • Offer waterproof protection for materials and supplies on outdoor construction and project sites. 
  • Enhance the organization and cleanliness of worksites and reduce risks of injury resulting from overcrowded or chaotic work environments. 

Mobile Office Units

  • Allow companies to easily bridge office moves, remodels, and renovations without springing for a new space. 
  • Provide a great alternative to brick and mortar space for companies that are growing or who need space for new employees and/or equipment. 
  • Provide a safe and quiet space to work on construction sites, municipal projects, and other active outdoor worksites. 
  • Provide a great temporary site for companies hosting employees or have field projects that need staff sites. 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, some of our most commonly served industries include:

Better yet, with our Essentials program, it’s easy to make our mobile office containers, jobsite solutions, and storage containers your own. These packages give you the add-ons you need to optimize your units and get the most out of our products. 

Packages include:

  • Office furniture, supplies, and appliances
  • Extra locks 
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • And much more!

Better yet, Essentials packages can be ordered alongside the rest of your Mobile Mini products, allowing our team to deliver everything at the same time. These add-ons also help to make your worksites safer, more organized, and more productive, giving you everything you need to have the best rental experience possible. 

Storage Container and Mobile Office Unit Service When you Need It

When it comes to service, Southwest Mobile isn’t even in our league. Now, we don’t really hold this reality against our friendly foe—but Mobile Mini is supported by an industry-leading, award-winning customer service team. Finding a company that could give us a run for our money in this category would be a real challenge.

Renting with Mobile Mini is not just a transaction, it is an experience. Our team is always here for you. In our many decades we have truly seen it all, and there are no questions too big or too small for our crew. Locked out in the early hours of the morning? Give us a call. Can’t figure out how to turn on the lights in your unit? Turn that smartphone flashlight off and let our team walk you through the basics.

Storage Container and Mobile Office Delivery, Pick-Up, and Relocation...Oh My!

We can place your order and help you use your unit, but what about the real hassles of storage, like delivery, pick-up, and installation? We have some good (and unsurprising) news. With Mobile Mini, this is all included in your order. 

Delivery is fast and our team will place and set up your unit wherever you need it. Are you renting one unit for multiple sites? Not an issue. We will come and move your empty unit to as many locations as you need within your rental period. When you no longer need the unit, give us a call and we will collect it. No hassle and no stress!

Mobile Mini specializes in solutions. Southwest Mobile just doesn’t. We believe that storage goes beyond the containers, and our team offers advice and support that meet our customers’ holistic needs, not just their immediate logistical issues. 

Storage and Mobile Office Simplified with Mobile Mini

Life is complicated—storage shouldn’t be. Mobile Mini helps our customers cut through the stress of storage so that they can get back to what they do best. We are a national company that can provide support when and where you need it. 

When it comes to Mobile Mini vs. Southwest Mobile, there’s only one clear winner...yes...we are talking about ourselves. We can’t wait to show you everything we can do.