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Self-Storage Trailer Rentals

Self-Storage Trailer

What is a self-storage trailer, exactly? At Mobile Mini, “self-storage trailer” is a fancy way to say “storage container.” These portable storage containers give you on-site storage space without occupying precious room inside of your home or on your work site. 

What Is a Self-Storage Trailer? 

If you’ve ever found yourself out of commercial storage space and don’t want to lug all your business supplies to an off-site storage facility, you’re in luck. What we’re about to describe to you is a match made in heaven.

Self-storage trailers are standalone, portable storage containers. They’re fully secure, and since they are portable, it’s easy to move them around as your location needs change.

At Mobile Mini, most of our standard storage trailers can fit in a regular parking space, allowing you to keep your trailer on-site without taking up too much space or disrupting your workflow.

In short, self-storage trailers put you in control of your commercial storage, giving you the freedom, flexibility, and reliability you need to stop worrying about where to keep things and to start focusing on what really matters.

Is a Self-Storage Trailer for Me?

If you have found yourself searching for “self-storage trailer rental,” then yes, chances are self-storage trailers are for you. They meet a variety of needs, from home and office to construction and jobsites. 

To make it easier to assess if these trailers are for you, we’ve compiled the following list of storage container uses and benefits:

  • Jobsite Heroes: Jobsites can be hectic and hard to secure. With a storage trailer rental, you can keep your equipment and supplies out of the way when they’re not in use, protecting them from hazards and preventing your crew from tripping over unused items. While storage trailers save needed space, they really shine at night. Trailer storage rentals keep your most valuable items safe and keep people, animals, and weather away from your equipment and supplies. 
  • Records Have Never Looked Better: If you run a business, chances are you know the pain of a paper-filled office where nothing is accessible and everything is important. Paper is small but mighty, and it sure takes up a ton of space. Storage trailer rentals can help you store and organize the records that keep your business running. By taking your records out of your office and moving them into a storage unit, you reclaim your workspace and create an organized area to sort through your most important papers and documents.
  • Inventory Kings: Retail needs ebb and flow. Sometimes you need a lot of inventory; sometimes you’re left with extra items. Storage trailer rentals give you out-of-store space to safely keep excess inventory and unused items. From the holiday rush to summer sales, storage units free up your retail spaces and warehouses so you can utilize every inch of the workspace while keeping everything you need close by.

When to Use a Self-Storage Trailer?

The easy answer is that the best time to use a self-storage trailer is any time you have commercial storage needs. Whether you need to house inventory, equipment, paperwork, or machinery, storage trailers are a great way to keep your most valuable items safe while giving you the ability to house them on-site. 

Some of the most common uses for storage trailer rentals include:

  • Storing inventory 
  • Keeping high-value items 
  • Storing and sorting through documents, financial records, and important paperwork.
  • Storing commercial equipment and supplies
  • Providing a weatherproof space to keep sensitive equipment and electronics
  • Keeping unused or seasonal equipment safe and secure through periods of non-use

Now that you know what you can do with a storage trailer, let’s talk about who uses them. At Mobile Mini, we’re proud to serve over 20 industries, providing storage trailer rentals that help our customers stay productive and efficient. These industries include:

No matter what you do or where you work, if you need a place to keep your commercial supplies, our storage trailer rentals are for you. 

Benefits of Storage Trailer Rentals 

When it comes to the benefits of self storage trailers, it’s hard to keep answers to just one page, but we’ll try. Storage trailers are often transformative for a business, giving people the ability to stay organized and secure no matter what’s going on at their jobsite. 

The top three benefits of these units are:

  • Portability: One of the main benefits of self-storage trailers is that they’re extremely portable and easy to take anywhere. For customers that have multiple storage needs and one unit, this portability is a game-changer. 
  • Versatility: Storage trailers are basically giant steel boxes, which means you can organize and utilize your unit however you want and need. With add-ons available like shelving and lighting, you can change your unit’s design and flow as your needs continue to evolve. 
  • Security: When it comes to your business, you can’t ever be too safe. Self-storage trailers give you the ability to store your high-value items in a space that’s safe and (virtually) impenetrable. Whether you’re looking to protect your items from weather, thieves, or damage, these units can save you considerable time and headache by preventing theft, damage, and loss. 

Essentially Perfect 

At Mobile Mini, we’re never satisfied with “good enough.” This is why we recently launched our Essentials packages, which allow you to get the most out of your storage trailer rental.

By offering items like shelving, lighting, and locks, Essentials makes your unit safer, more secure, and more organized. Lights allow you to load and unload your unit at night or in dimly lit conditions. Shelves give you the ability to organize your unit and to keep lighter, more sensitive items higher up and away from potential risks. And locks…well, we don’t need to even explain the value of a high-quality lock.

With Essentials, you get everything you need to optimize your self-storage trailer in one convenient place. It’s easy to add these packages onto your order; everything is delivered together in one trip. 

Commercial one-stop shopping just got a whole lot easier.

Safety First

One of the biggest benefits of a portable storage unit is security. When you leave your equipment, records, and personal belongings unattended, you want them to be there in the morning. At Mobile Mini, all storage trailer rentals come standard with patented locking technology that interlocks and hinges in multiple ways to prevent break-ins. No one is getting into these drill-proof locks without a key – our units are virtually theft-proof.

Theft isn’t the only thing we worry about when it comes to storage. All Mobile Mini units are made from 100% corrugated steel, which means they are built to handle even the toughest storms. Rain, hail, sleet; no matter what you throw at these units, your equipment and supplies will remain safe, dry, and very much in place.

Options, Options, Options

Storage is never one size fits all. Check out some of the features you can choose from while picking out the right storage trailer for your needs:

  • Size: Mobile Mini storage trailers come in standard and extra-wide options. Our standard units range from 10-foot to 40-foot trailers, with storage dimensions of up to 7' 8-1/2" W x 39' 10-1/2" L x 7' 10-1/4" H. For larger jobs, our extra-wide units can give you a storage volume of up to 1,778 cubic feet of storage and can have dimensions up to 9’6-½” W x 23’ 10-1/4” L x 7’ 10-½” H.
  • Doors: Most of us don’t give doors a passing thought, but when it comes to storage, they can make all the difference. When you rent a storage unit, especially for worksite or construction use, you need to be able to load and unload your trailer easily and efficiently. Our storage trailer rentals come with door options that make life a whole lot easier: standard, single, and double-entry, and premium. Each door has a different benefit and can accommodate almost any loading need. Looking for some high-tech brilliance in your trailer storage rental? Our premium doors offer one-handed access...welcome to the future of storage.
  • Shelving: Our record storage units come with the option to add shelving to really up your record organization capabilities. These units can also accommodate furniture to allow for staff to organize and sort through records in-unit. 

Go With Mobile Mini

Mobile Mini was built on the idea that storage doesn’t have to hurt. Our award-winning customer service team is here 24/7 to answer questions, provide technical support, and ensure a smooth, hassle-free rental experience. All storage trailer rentals come with free delivery, installation, relocation, and pick-up. Yes, that’s right. We also offer relocation services for customers with multiple job-site storage needs. When you’re ready to move sites, just give us a call; we'll move your empty unit wherever you’re heading. 

Life can be complicated. Storage should be simple. That’s why you should go with Mobile Mini.